Victoria Torres Restrepo

Victoria Torres Restrepo


I express sincere gratitude to the Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument foundation for the generous contribution towards my Marigaux M2 oboe, since their support significantly impacts my musical career as an oboist.

Currently enrolled in my Master's program in Classical Performance, this contribution ensures I conclude my studies with a high-quality instrument. This oboe removes past obstacles, fostering faster improvement, boosting stage confidence, and increasing my joy in music.

Having already performed with several orchestras, I can now start to enhance blending and tuning in those settings with my Marigaux M2; this oboe makes everything easier, giving me more flexibility and allowing me to perform much better.

Moreover, since I am participating more often in auditions for orchestras, my new instrument helps me to play the repertoire with precision, both in terms of intonation and sound quality.

I am confident that my journey as an oboist will certainly be more rewarding. This support opens the door to further steps and faster evolution in my musical career.