Talal Fayad


A moment I’ve been looking for since I started playing the Oud (which is 9 years ago), was to buy my own first professional instrument. Now, this moment is here. I have been composing my own music for some while now, and during this period, I have often stumbled upon some obstacles which made me think: that new Oud will solve the problem. Now that it’s here, I almost cannot put it down. Its wider range has widened my horizon in composing.

This Oud is made by hands of the Turkish maker, Esa Alkan, who has been working in this profession for 21 years. For this Oud, he used the Cocobolo wood, which gives it the most special glance and makes its sound mesmerizing. Let alone the Eastern artwork on its front that never fails to charm you. I can enter the professional musical field more confidently now that I have this instrument in hand .

This oud will help me get to the place I have always dreamed about. With its attributes, I can work on my composition in the way I wanted and produce the kind of music that’s in my head. All thanks to SEM and the donors, who have made this purchase possible for me, and many other people like me. It pleases me to be a part of the SEM community.