Sven Hoscheit


As a percussionist, acquiring instruments is a forever lasting process. There is no limit to the amounts of different instruments that a percussionist can own. That is the reason why I am eternally grateful to the Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument to give me the possibility to gather the financial support to buy one of the more expensive percussion instruments, the Marimba. It is a vital step in my career as a performing musician to have the necessary instruments at my disposal for performance and practice. As I am standing at the beginning of my professional life as a musician, I cannot stress enough how much SEM means to me and how important they are as an organisation for me and my fellow musicians. SEM gives us the opportunity and means to invest in our future and follow our path. They give us musicians the financial support that we need. They believe in us and they believe in what we love and stand for; Music.