Sandra Pereira


When a dream comes true…

The clarinet, since a long time, means a lot to me, it means so much that it’s really difficult to find the right words to describe it, but I can admit that the clarinet is part of me, it’s one member of my body and my whole body got complete with my new A clarinet.

During several years I needed an A clarinet to play in orchestra, chamber music and as soloist and during this time I had to use an A clarinet from my teachers or my colleagues (what I really appreciated).

Today I am so happy that I have my own A clarinet, besides, this A clarinet is part of me, is beautiful, is rich in sound and it’s my own A clarinet.

Yes, dreams can come true and this is an example. My dream became true thanks to SEM foundation because without this financial support, maybe, at this moment I was still searching for a solution. I’m completely grateful to SEM foundation and I want to thank particularly Ms. Aleid van Beuningen for all support, interest and availability. Since the first meeting, I realized that it just could be fine with the support from Ms. Aleid because she’s a strong woman, always working really hard to help young musicians like me.

Once more, THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE HEART to SEM foundation for all support, help and for your existence in this music world.