Remi Kazukauskas


I’ve been studying and playing flute for over 15 years now and to have a professional instrument was always an indescribable dream of mine. Like any other musician when time comes to pursued to professional level instruments some of us we get stock, because usually financial situation is inadequate to the reality of buying the new flute from our own pockets. Therefore I had to look for help in order to strive for better future as a musician.

And now I don’t even know how to express myself fully in order to show my happiness and true excitement of finally getting a new instrument. Of course, this splendid day wouldn’t happen without a tremendous help of Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument Fonds. Therefore I would like to graciously thank for their wonderful job they’ve done, their support, understanding and huge encouragement.

Difference between my old and this new Powell Aurumite 9k flute is enormous. Only now I started to understand how important is to have a well build instrument. This new flute has a wonderful, smooth and stable mechanic system, which is comfortable to play with and helps to strengthen my technical abilities. Furthermore, this instrument is hand made and blended with two metals: 9k gold and pure silver which gives you a huge pallet of a different tone possibilities. Since I am playing variety of musical styles, instrument like this opens up a new level of professionalism, chance to deliver a better expression and gives a great, stable ground to convey your established skills. I am very happy to have such a good companion with me now, without which I would not be able to pursued my future in professional music.

I know that there are many musicians who needs a similar support and cultural endorsement for their own development, so I would like to thank again Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument foundation and especially Aleid van Beuningen for helping young musicians to reach their goals and get better in their own professional life’s.