Pat Cleaver


“I am very grateful to the Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument for the wonderful work they do to help young musicians, and specifically their recent support in my purchase of a very special bass. This instrument is not only a beautiful sounding bass guitar in its own right, it will also translate every note that I play into MIDI data (the standard musical computer language), unlocking all kinds of exciting possibilities! I will be able to communicate directly with computer programs, and trigger videos, samples, synthesizers, stage lights and many other things during my shows directly through the notes that I play. I expect this will be best featured in my main project “Tin Men and the Telephone”, where the use of interactive electronics and visuals are the main focus of our performances. I am very excited at the new possibilities that this instrument will unlock for my career and artistic output in general. I think that exploring and mastering a melding of traditional instrumental virtuosity and cutting edge technology could revolutionize my performance style and allow me to dive headfirst into what I believe could be the future of live music.”