Nuno Henriques


There is no scale to assess the importance of SEM regarding to its contribution and support to young artists. An instrument is not only a piece of brass (metal) or wood it is even more – it is a piece of art and craftsmanship which can have a huge influence in the music skills of a performer. In an advanced stage of a musician all the details in an instrument become very personal and extremely important for him/her. Unfortunately a good instrument can cost thousands and thousands of euros!!! Musicians who are finishing their studies and starting their own careers normally find quite difficult to cover all these costs inherent to their education (school fees and masterclasses) and self-promotion (competitions, auditions, etc) since we have to move out of the home country quite often. So SEM has a very important role for the arts and it is only possible due to people who care and make huge efforts to help us.

In my own case I’m very glad to have the chance to play such a tremendous and complete instrument as this bass trombone model built by Hans Kromat provides me. The quality of brass and the design used on this instrument provide me a very rich, resonant and solid sound in the whole register as well as an easy and quick response in all articulation nuances which mean that from now I can feel much more free to musically express myself since the instrument has a considerable improvement and easiness of playing comparing with my last one.

I would like to thank Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument and especially to Mrs. Aleid van Beuningen who supported and helped me from the very beginning of my application.