Lola Mlacnik


I have been playing percussion for well over half of my life and it has enriched my life tremendously. I have been able to leave my home country of Slovenia to study in Amsterdam, travel the world, learn about music and life and meet so many interesting people. However as I am finishing my studies it is becoming more and more clear that in order to continue playing I need to own the instruments that I play on, and with percussion that is a very difficult feat to accomplish.

For the past few years I have been very active with my fellow duo partner Janina Lorenci. Our mission is to get people that might not know the combination of percussion and saxophone excited about the music we play. We have seen success in this field (like winning the Public Prize at the Grachtenfestival Conservatorium Concourse) and I hope to continue this mission in the coming years however every time when we try to plan a concert or competition abroad the fact that I do not own all of the instruments needed becomes a big obstacle.

SEM enabled me to purchase a vibraphone which is one of the two instruments I play most on. Without this help I surely would not have been able to continue my musical career the way I would want to and I cannot express my gratitude towards the organisation of SEM and all those involved enough.