José Nunes


I’m very grateful to the Stichting Eigen MuziekInstrument for the wonderful work they do helping young musicians pursuing their careers with an incredible and very generous support. Without SEM it wouldn’t be possible for me to continue my studies…

Finding the “perfect instrument” the one that matches your personality is a challenge. You have to try many instruments until you find your own voice. From the first time I played on this instrument I felt connected. It has such special sound and it’s becoming my voice. Having a good instrument in your hands means a lot for a musician. Quickly, your development increases at high speed.

To have an instrument that fits you and that shows your personality is very important. Most of us are aware of how expensive instruments can be, specially string instruments. Unfortunately I couldn’t afford the full price of this viola. Such instrument of this quality as a high cost with it. But thanks to SEM, I can now say that I’m the owner of this incredible instrument!!!