Janina Lorenci


Playing saxophone made my life so extremely full and exciting, from the very beginning when I started, to now 14 years later, travelling the world and having the privilege to perform and share my musical message with people who seem to truly enjoy themselves because of it. However, my enjoyment while playing have in the past years become a bit frustrating as I know I could do even better if I’d have a better instrument(s). Along with my percussion duo partner Lola Mlačnik, we’ve played in festivals such as Grachtenfestival and Hollandfestival, won several first and absolute prizes in many international competitions (Paolo Serrao, Svirel, Salut…) and commissioned and arranged over 10 pieces. Sadly all of them had to be written for alto saxophone (as I didn’t own anything else and borrowing sopranos or other models can be very unpredictable) and various percussion.

SEM enabled me to buy the long wanted and very much needed soprano saxophone as well as a double alto-soprano saxophone case that will allow me to travel with both saxophones much easier and in a more secure manner.

I cannot thank everybody involved with this organization enough for their kind support. Getting a new instrument and the case is enabling me being more artisticly creative and flexible, allowing me to enjoy my music making even more.