Ivan Circovic


I woke up one day and told my mother that I wanted to be a musician because I dreamed about it. She brought me to a music school where my interest was getting greater and greater every day.

Now, 14 years later, this dream has become reality. I became a master student of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

However, what is a land without plants, a river without water, a sky without sun, or a bird without freedom?

Well, probably nothing. Likewise, a musician without an instrument is one incomplete creature.

Fortunately, this world has a “Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument Fonds” that makes dreams a reality. So my quest and desire to have an instrument here is over, because thanks to the financial help of the SEM I got what I’ve always been dreaming about, a beautiful viola made by J.R. Matthieu Besseling in 1978.

There are no words to describe how I feel thankful to those who fulfilled met dreams.

For now I can say that the sky is the limit.