Isabel Vaz

Cello strijkstok

For many years I have been playing on my student bow, reasonably adequate for a young cellist. However, lately I felt that to take a further step in my musical development it was indispensable for me to get a really good bow, such as the one I am playing now by Andreas Grutter. A year ago I would have never thought I could be now playing on this beautiful bow and that I would be able to call it my own. This bow’s especial character has brought a great amount of quality and ease to my playing and is the perfect marriage for my dark sounding cello. It speaks, sings and expresses, and it reduces the gap between what I want something to sound like and what actually happens in reality. It has brought back a lot of joy to my playing.

I am incredibly thankful to SEM, in particular to Ms. Aleid van Beuningen and Andreas Grutter who made all of this possible for me.