Inês Díez

Inês Díez


As musicians, we have a very close bond with our instruments; after all, it is through them that we express ourselves, and our own playing grows and evolves side by side with them.

This year, after graduating and as I am starting my career as a violinist, it was important to find an instrument suitable for a professional level. Last year I got to try for the first time this 19th-century French violin built by Jules Gaillard, and I immediately knew it was the perfect instrument for me: it has a colourful, rich, and well-rounded sound, responds beautifully, and has allowed me to develop and find new nuances in my sound over the past months I have been playing it.

Affording such an instrument at the start of one’s career can seem like a dream a bit too far to be attained, and all the support SEM provides, from their help to outline a financing plan for the purchase of the instrument to their generous donation, has allowed this dream to materialize.

I look forward to my upcoming projects and concerts playing this wonderful instrument! I am extremely grateful to SEM for granting me the possibility to have this beautiful violin to call my own!