Ghaeth Almaghoot


Prior to owning an instrument of this standard I was very content playing on a beginners’ instrument. As I grew academically and professionally, I began to feel hindered by my current instrument, realising that I could only reach so much of my potential. I sought after finding something to enable my music making and help me grow instead of limiting me, but financing this was a challenge. With this, I discovered the SEM foundation with whom so many have been able to access the opportunities and possibilities in their field which they couldn’t otherwise reach. I am so grateful to have been selected, supported and funded by the SEM to complete the
payment of my professional clarinet.

This new instrument has enabled me to reach my desired sound and express music in a way I could only have imagined before. I am delighted that this is now my reality and that with a new instrument I am able to do the music justice and perform to the best of my abilities. As with all musicians, we are ever growing and developing so I am very excited to begin just new journey of development with my new Bb clarinet.

Music has been an essential part of my life for many years, with the encouragement and support from SEM I am now able to begin a new chapter in my life as a musician.