Gema Lara


Since I came to The Netherlands I could say that my development as a musician has grown up considerably. Three years ago I came on Erasmus scholarship and I decided to stay here for the master.

At the point of being at master level, it’s time to go a step further and look for optimal sound, better quality, great flexibility and, in other words, get the best version of yourself as an oboe player in my case.

So, in my situation, a new instrument was the key point in order to develop my skills easily. However, it is not always easy to buy a new instrument just like that. Not all the musicians or their families have the means to buy good quality instruments (and you can’t provide a new instrument for yourself just with gigs). Furthermore, being a musician is not a cheap lifestyle. In my case, as an oboe player, we have to deal with many expenses such as reeds, canes, knifes, staples, reparations, etcetera.

That’s why foundations such as Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument are so important, that understand the situation of artists in need of better instruments and don’t have the means for it. SEM gets involved so that we musicians have a way to finance an instrument. I will be eternally grateful for the support SEM has given to me and the opportunity this means for me.

Having a good instrument not only will make you feel you have more range of colours in the sound or better tunning, but will open the doors to many opportunities with regard to profesional life. I have had the great chance to try some oboes in Paris, at Marigaux workshop, and I found the most suitable one for me. This instrument has a beautiful tone, it has a very big variety of colours, it is very rich in harmonics and has a stable tunning, which is essential for playing with more people (orchestra or chamber music). When I tried this instrument I knew it could give me the support I need to take that further step that could open to me more opportunities in my future.

Thus, thank you very much to SEM and to Aleid for thinking of me as a candidate for financial support and I wish there would be more foundations like this one for all the people that need support and want to follow their dreams.