Carlos Delgado Antequera


Three years searching and playing many violas around Europe, and I can finally say that “I have my own Viola!”

Since the moment I played few notes I fell in love with this instrument. This instrument is really comfortable for any violist player and very easy to play. Besides, it has an amazing and warm sound, with good balance between the strings, many colors and a beautiful projection in the halls. Having a good instrument in your hands means a lot for a musician. Automatically you start progressing very fast, even I have felt it on my own sound, which I could not get on other viola. Now, I can get it easier which is being reflected into the music.

Unfortunately, everybody knows how expensive are classical instruments, so last year I started talking with friends and acquaintances from the Conservatorium Van Amsterdam, who suggested me to contact SEM for financial support. Then, I wrote them a letter explaining my situation and immediately I got a invitation to meet with Aleid Van Beuningen. From the very first meeting, I felt that SEM was a foundation that cares about music and really wants to help young talented musicians. For instance, Aleid worked very hard, contacting different foundations and telling about my situation. It has been a long way, and consumed a huge effort but, at the end, successful with the help of SEM and everyone who helped me with my Crowdfunding campaign. Today, and thanks to them, I can say that I am the owner of this beautiful viola.

Dear SEM, I am glad that I found you, and I am sure that you will make happy more young talented musicians as you did with me. Thank you for your time and consideration, for listening and helping me to get my desired instrument.