Anna Tkatchouk


My story started with that day when I understood that my present viola did not let me to develop further in my playing. It was very frustrating to understand, that there was something that did not work in my playing because of the instrument. During years I was dreaming about a better viola, looking for a better viola, but all those ones that I have seen were incredibly expensive. Trying to get help, I was speaking about my problem to everyone, until one of my friends has suggested me to contact SEM for support. I wrote a letter describing my situation. Soon I have got an answer and a proposition to meet with Aleid van Beuningen. From the beginning I felt that she understood exactly what my problem was and would sincerely try to help. Aleid gave me a real hope that my dream about a good viola can come true. She made a lot of work, contacting different foundations and telling about me, about my problem. It was a long way, which finally led to a fantastic result! In the meanwhile I have found a beautiful viola, which had all the qualities of sound I was looking for, and was easy and nice to play. And now this viola is mine, only thanks to the help of SEM. Lucky that there are people in the world who are not indifferent to the problems of the young artists, and who are ready to support them. Dear Aleid, dear SEM, I am happy to have met you! And I am sure that you will make happy even more young talented musicians!