Anna Lachegyi


Six years ago, when I came to study in the Netherlands, I got the opportunity to try an instrument made by Judith Kraft. It had a warm, special, very clear sound and it was very easy to play on. I felt a connection with the instrument immediately, knowing that this quality of viola da gamba can give me everything I need as a musician, it can help with the technical challenges and inspire me through my whole life.

Last June, I finished my master studies at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, and it is very important to start my professional career with a proper instrument. An instrument with which I could start my solo career, make good quality recordings and go to competitions.

Unfortunately to buy an instrument in this level is out of my financial possibilities. At the beginning I couldn’t imagine how I would pay for an instrument like this – I just felt I need to try. But I was honored to be accepted by Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument, and with their help and the financial support I got, I managed to buy the viola da gamba of my dreams. The work S.E.M. does is such a valuable and important support for so many young musicians! I am very happy and grateful to be part of their community!