Anastasia Akinfina


Once, when I was studying at the Gnessin Music school the modern piano, there was an unexpected turn of events that turned my life into a new direction. Inspired by my elder brother who studied both baroque and modern violin in the Moscow Conservatory and who said to me about a wonderful harpsichord teacher Olga Martynova (Prof. Olga Martynova works in Gnessin school as well as in the Moscow Conservatory), in 2007 I started to learn early music as well. I began with the harpsichord (in 2007. Since 2010 i studied historical fortepiano as well) and I loved it so much! Then I studied early keyboard instruments at the Moscow Conservatory (2009-2014), Conservatorium van Amsterdam (2016-2017), Royal Conservatory of The Hague (2017-2020), visited many master-courses, played in many concerts… But I couldn’t afford to buy my own harpsichord. It so happened to me sometimes that I have had to refuse a concert or an audition because in some venues was no harpsichord and I could not bring my own instrument, or I was in a trouble when Conservatory was closed because then I couldn’t use the instruments there for the preparation to my concerts. But fortunately my dearest sister who lives in Maastricht knew about my problem and said to me about Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument, so as they helped her a few years ago to buy her viola. I applied to SEM for the scholarship and to my great luck my application was accepted. SEM helped me to bring my dream to become true, completing amount of money for buying my harpsichord. I would like to share with you my great happiness and to express my deepest gratitude to Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument for the help and taking part in the development of my professional life because having my own harpsichord I will be able to keep my level and even raise it, to contribute devotely to the Dutch musical culture.