Ana Prazeres


I feel very grateful to SEM for this opportunity, the purchase of a new instrument was essential at this stage of my course and I know it will help me achieve my goals. An instrument is the center of the life of a musician, even if we forget it sometimes, in order to favor music itself. I believe that we can only fully grow better if the instrument grows with us, in the sense that the material shouldn’t tied our development.

Since a while already I have been feeling stuck, as my old instrument no longer corresponded my needs and expectations. With this brand new clarinet I felt a big difference from the first note I played and I am so happy I can shape it from the beginning in my own way, make it my own voice.

It happens very often that instruments are too expensive for young musicians, but yet such a necessary item to own. Even instruments like clarinets, which are not the most expensive on the market, the need to have a family set (Bb, A, Eb, etc) makes it more unreachable. Thankfully for us all, there are institutions like SEM, who care for and put interest in helping the future of young musicians.