Novile Maceinaite, Viool

I started playing violin at the age of seven. In my learning process I have played on different instruments, although I only owned the very last one I had, which I have been playing from the age of seventeen. It was my companion for almost ten years and it helped a great deal in my own personal development. I participated and won number of competitions, getting the chance to tour around Lithuania playing M. Bruch’s violin concerto in g-minor.

However, during my studies in The Netherlands, my relationship with that violin changed. I felt that no matter how hard I worked, I could no longer reach my own expectations with the instrument. In the beginning, this was very difficult to accept for me, but after some years of painful experiences I came to realise that it was time to let my instrument go.

After two years of intense effort and searching for financial help, I was finally feeling ready to invest on a new violin. I have tried numerous instruments from a wide range of prices. It has not been easy to find an instrument that could fulfil my needs and that suits my playing, whilst being affordable to me. Luckily, I have found the beautiful instrument I am applying with and thanks to Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument fund I was able to close the purchase deal.

As instrumentalists, we are aware that being a good musician is not always enough when looking for professional work. A high quality instrument plays a huge role in getting professional opportunities and establishing a solid reputation. I am very happy that with the help of Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument fund help I will be able to contribute devotedly to the Dutch musical scene.


SEM musici Matthijs van der Moolen (barok trombone) en Joost Willemze (harp) verzorgen het zondagochtend concert in Podium De Mess met muziek van o.a. Monteverdi, Frescobaldi, Scarlatti en Damase.

Locatie: Podium De Mess in Naarden
Datum: 28 april 2021