Carlos Cunha, Trompet

Carlos Cunha, Trompet

“Your instrument is part of you…”

The instrument is our main tool and sometimes it can have very high financial costs for us, students. Thanks to the SEM foundation, I had the opportunity to have 2 new trumpets, one in Bb and one piccolo trumpet. It’s unbelievable what a new instrument can bring, and the motivation that can boost the work so that I can keep my work at its best. I couldn’t be happier. Once more, many thanks to the SEM foundation and specially to Mrs. Aleid van Beuningen for all the support, interest and availability.


SEM musici Matthijs van der Moolen (barok trombone) en Joost Willemze (harp) verzorgen het zondagochtend concert in Podium De Mess met muziek van o.a. Monteverdi, Frescobaldi, Scarlatti en Damase.

Locatie: Podium De Mess in Naarden
Datum: 28 april 2021